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Main Function

  • Make recommendations to the President, on educational policy in all its aspects, with a view to, ensuring continuity in educational policy and enabling the education system to respond to changing needs in society, including an immediate review of educational policy and plan or plans and the making of recommendations to the President, on a comprehensive National Education Policy.

  • Review and analyze periodically, the National Education Policy and Plan or plans in operation and where necessary, to recommend to the President, changes in such Policy, Plan or Plans.

  • Advise the President on any other matter relating to education which may be referred to it by the President, for its advice.

  • Vision & Mission
    Our Vision

    Holistic society of progressive and lifelong learners for a peaceful, cohesive Sri Lankan society attuned to facing local and global challenges

    Our Mission

    Function as the premier organization in setting national education policy, goals, competency profiles, and standards of educational qualifications with monitoring and certification roles with the view to improve quality, relevance, and standards of education

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  • Current Research

  • Study On Development Of Special Education And Non-Formal Education (Research Series-2014)

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  • Study On Medium Of Instruction, National And International Languages In General Education In Sri Lanka(Research Series-2014)

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  • Study On Career Guidance In General Education In Sri Lanka (Research Series-2014)

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  • Options for Expanding Accesss to Higher Education for G.C.E. (A/L) Completers

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  • The Teacher Education Programme in Universities

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  • A Study to design a Credit transferring Mechanism in the University System in Sri Lanka

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  • Issues related to linkages between Technical Institutions and Industry partnership programmes

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  • Policies


    National Education Policy Framework (2020-2030) prepared by National Education Commission...

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  • Other Important Documents

    Re-imagining Education in Sri Lanka by Presidential Task Force on...

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  • National Policy Proposals on Higher Education 2019

    National Policy Proposals on Higher Education in Sri Lanka- 2019...

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