Validation Workshop on National Education Framework 2021

National Education Commission is delighted to announce of conducting “Validation Workshop on National Education Framework” with the presence of Honorable minister Susil Premajayantha, State Minister of Education Reforms, Professor Kapila Perera, Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Dr. Upali Sedera, Secretary to the State Ministry of Education Reforms and more distinguished guests and resource persons, […]

Other Important Documents

Re-imagining Education in Sri Lanka by Presidential Task Force on Sri Lanka’s Education Affairs – September 2020 Re-imagining Education in Sri Lanka – Vol II Core Group Reports by Presidential Task Force >> Re-imagining Education Sri Lanka – Summary Report by Presidential Task Force >>

Title : Study On Medium Of Instruction, National And International Languages In General Education In Sri Lanka   Researchers : Prof. Asoka Premarathna  (Team Leader) Prof. S.J. Yogaraja  Dr. Vivimarie Medawattegedara Dr. Chamindi Dilkushi Senarathna   Dr. Mohamed Rameez Mohamed Abdullah   Download more details>>                       […]

Upcoming events

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