Proposals for a National Policy on General Education in Sri Lanka for the next decade

Proposals for a National Policy on General Education in Sri Lanka for the next decade has been submitted to HE the president by Chairman of National Education Commission on 26th January 2017 at the president house.Prepared present set of recommendations guided by the key concept of Raising the Quality of Education Policy Proposals On General Education.

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National Policy Framework on Higher Education and Technical & Vocational Education 2009

This document contains the National Policy Framework on Higher Education and Technical & Vocational Education. National Education Commission has been submitted this document to His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka on 14th June, 2010. It has been divided into three parts as follows.

Part One : Higher Education

Part Two : Technical and Vocational Education

Part Three:

* Quality Assurance Assessment and Accreditation

* Career Guidance and counselling

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Policy proposals 2003 – Summary of Recommendations

In pursuance of its mandate to advise the government on education policy the National Education Commission has formulated these proposals on general education for consideration by the government. These policy proposals are an outcome of an eighteen months’ process of preparation of over twenty evaluation studies of the present situation and ongoing reforms; review of the contextual factors that have determined the contours of the general education system; public consultations; interactive discussions in the Commission; Standing Committee and sub-committees; and consequently, distillation of the insights and experiences of a large number of committed individuals and groups. The Commission has endeavoured to maintain continuity by strengthening successful on going policy reforms and to stimulate change to meet emerging needs and challenges, in the context of national goals. Download more details>>

Reforms in General Education 1997

In Sri Lanka the State has provided free education to all her citizens over the last 50 years. As a result we have a literacy rate of about 90%. During the first few decades, after we gained independence, universities, technical colleges and other tertiary education institutions provided for the training of a wide variety of professional and semi-professional personnel. During this period we produced many scholars, scientists, administrators and national figures of great ability and high distinction.

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Reforms in University Education 1997

This document contains the Presidential Task Force report on Reforms in University Education 1997

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Action Oriented Strategy Towards A National Education Policy

This document spells out the strategies to be adopted and the action oriented steps that should be taken in implementing the policies embodied in the National Education Policy. This document consists of policy recommendations in respect of General Education and it is a culmination of numerous studies and consultations and considerations of written and oral submissions from the general public.

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National Policy on University Education 1996- Summary of Recommendations

This document contains the summary of recommendations of the National Policy on Universty Education submitted to H.E. the president in 1996 by NEC

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