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Reforms in General Education 1997

In Sri Lanka the State has provided free education to all her citizens over the last 50 years. As a result we have a literacy rate of about 90%. During the first few decades, after we gained independence, universities, technical colleges and other tertiary education institutions provided for the training of a wide variety of […]

Action Oriented Strategy Towards A National Education Policy

This document spells out the strategies to be adopted and the action oriented steps that should be taken in implementing the policies embodied in the National Education Policy. This document consists of policy recommendations in respect of General Education and it is a culmination of numerous studies and consultations and considerations of written and oral […]

Main Function

Make recommendations to the President, on educational policy in all its aspects, with a view to, ensuring continuity in educational policy and enabling the education system to respond to changing needs in society, including an immediate review of educational policy and plan or plans and the making of recommendations to the President, on a comprehensive […]

Main Function

Review and analyze periodically, the National Education Policy and Plan or plans in operation and where necessary, to recommend to the President, changes in such Policy, Plan or Plans.

Upcoming events

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Main Function

Advise the President on any other matter relating to education which may be referred to it by the President, for its advice.